There are a lot of innovation and heat in areas like autonomous vehicles. Navigation using maps and GPS has become a necessity for outdoor travels for the most of US population. We are towards perfecting our long-distance navigation technologies. But when we talk about indoor navigation in venues like libraries, malls, museums, airports etc. – GPS and other technologies fail. The current process is really outdated, tiring and inefficient. It is difficult to navigate in indoor environment which is far more dynamic and noisy to be tracked by maps and positioning apps. Hence, we work to improve Indoor navigation in scenarios such as Libraries, Airports, Museum, Parking lots, Industries, Shopping Malls and hypermarkets etc. using advanced sensors and Augmented Reality to ease and optimize path of humans in reaching their destinations.


      Press Release: Store Buddy: The Smart Store” read the article

      2019 Janurary NYC Media Lab (RLab) Accelerator Program; 10k grant

      2018 summer, Startup School Program by Y-Combinator ( Advisor: Justin Sky, CEO of Rose Rocket )


founder/ dev
Abhimanyu Dhawan
UX Designer
Ahmed Razin
Zafir Hasan