IndoorBuddy-Grocery uses augmented reality wayfinding to take you to your items when you shop, saving you money along the way

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Get Your Items

IndoorBuddy-Grocery uses your phone's hardware to know where you are inside a store and where all the items you need are located. Our app then guides you through the store taking you on the most efficient path to all your items, saving you time.

Get Discounts

As you walk through the store, our app will show you discounts on items near you, saving you money.

Check Out Faster

Our app monitors the congestion inside the store and lets you know which checkout line will be fastest.

Press Release

IndoorBuddy-Grocery: SMART Grocery Stores

"IndoorBuddy-Grocery works directly with stores, mapping every item in their aisles and using this information to help their customers navigate through their stores quickly. Our technology adds virtual objects to their view of the real world with mobile phone cameras, a technique commonly known as Augmented Reality, and provides customers with directions to items they need. It not only gives the quickest way to reach items, but puts forward powerful AR-based promotions at the time of decision…”