Meal Tab

Discover new recipes and Enjoy Grocery

Meal Tab helps you discover new recipes and navigates you to the ingredients inside the store

Expand Your Cooking Horizons

Learn to cook a new dish! Meal Tab provides a variety of meal options to satisfy your stomach. International cuisines? Pasta all the way? You got it!

Quickly Navigate To All Ingredients

Trying a new recipe but can't find the ingredients? Meal Tab knows where you are inside the store and where all the items are located. Our app is mounted on the shopping cart, and efficiently guides you through the store, saving you time.

Grocery Owners, Make Your Store Smart and Customer Friendly

Optimize Experience

Improve customer engagement and loyalty. Increase store traffic and sales.

Add Value

Turn your store into a recipe-ready market. Sell a larger variety of foods with them.


Get a heat-map of how shopping carts are moving inside the store and make vital decisions on product placement.